Nu Echo provides call center and speech recognition solutions to enterprise customers. We're technically strong, we're vendor-independent, and we always go beyond to provide our customers with the solution that best meets their requirements.

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What We Do

Vendor Agnostic !

Call Center Practice

Our customers and partners rely on our expertise in VoiceXML and other call center technologies, as well as our independence from technology and platform vendors.

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Speech Science Practice

Most speech IVR applications deployed today provide a much worse user experience and task completion rate than they should. We can fix that.

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Our Products

NuBot IVR Testing

With complex call center applications, manual testing is not an option anymore.

Our platform gives you the ability to not only gain valuable time but also reproductible results.

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Identity Validation

NuID™ can automate the identification process used in your call center with breakthrough automation rates and user experience.

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 Messages Management

NuCorder™ offers both a web and voice interface to manage your call center emergency and information messages.

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 NuGram Environment

NuGram is the first — and only — complete speech grammar solution.

Supports static and dynamic grammars. Compatible with all major speech recognition engines.

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Address Capture

Recognizing the importance of accuracy and performance, we have spent several years developing and tuning NuAddress™, a VoiceXML module that captures an address through an effective and natural dialog with a caller.

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 Agent Skill Assignment

NuSkills™ provides a management layer for your Genesys Agent skill sets.

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