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Nu Echo is a contact center consulting company with a strong focus on the voice channel. We with work enterprise organisations that choose Genesys PureEngage or Amazon Connect as their client experience platform.

Migrating to a new contact center platform?

You are migrating to a new contact center platform but don’t know where to start? We can help you clarify your requirements, design your IVR and routing strategies, and help you through the implementation process.

Contact Center Services & Solutions

Our team of experts guide you through every aspect of contact center best practices, integrations, deployments right through to QA and change management. We thrive in the most complex environments. If all of your unique business requirements cannot be met by the contact center platform out-of-the-box, our team of software engineers will tailor the solution by custom developing tools, frameworks, user interfaces, or other components in order to fully meet your needs.


Migration to a new contact center platform

You are migrating to a new contact center platform but don’t know where to start? We can help you clarify your requirements, design your IVR and routing strategies, and help you through the implementation process.

Voice channel audit and optimization

After years of focusing on the web, mobile, and digital channels, many enterprises are now realizing that customers still call them. And, because they have neglected their voice channel for so long, they are having a poor user experience. In other words, the voice channel has become the weakest link in the customer journey. We can help you identify and address customer experience problems with your voice channel.

Solution design & architecture

Taking into account the business objective & strategies, the intricacies of operations and your plans for response to your various client interactions, we will design solutions that respond to your business requirements. We will set up working sessions with you and some of our senior analysts and deliver templates and standard deliverables, test strategies and plans, the overall project plan, etc.

Custom development

Contact center platforms often don’t provide all the required functionalities out-of-the-box. Nu Echo has a team of software developers that can custom develop add-ons that can meet the most demanding requirements. We thrive in the most complex environments.

Quality Assurance

A focus on quality is found at every level of our consulting services and solutions. It is one of our values.

Test strategies and plans are already thought out in design and architecture and continue right through to deployment. Unit testing, UAT, support, functional testing, QA, minor and major fixes, continuous improvement. We have made our name in CCC consulting through the quality of our work and referrals. Quality was so important to us that we developed our own testing platform before one truly existed on the market. We will work with you to ensure your project surpass your expectations.


Out-of-the box reports from the contact center platform often don’t provide the information that the business or the operations teams are looking for. We are experts at delivering custom reporting solutions that will meet your requirements.


The way that clients interact with organisations is in constant evolution. Have you been keeping up with the latest trends? When was the last time you evaluated the functioning and performance of your contact center platform? Nu Echo would like to help improve the way you engage your clients and respond to their needs. Our optimization packages will help you set a new standard of client experience and improve your overall operations. Optimization services: IVR health check, Analysis, diagnosis & recommendations, Routing evaluation, Analytics, Client & market insights.

Our team gets projects done!

Architects, analysts, systems integrators and software developers come together to create robust, state-of-the-art solutions. We work with and build off the largest contact center platforms in the industry, including Genesys.

Areas of Expertise

Nu Echo’s consulting and development team has significant expertise in key contact center disciplines, including:

Interactive voice response (IVR)

For more than 10 years, our consultants bring their unparalleled expertise in supporting large organizations implement their interactive voice response applications, with or without speech recognition. Let us help you!


Agent Desktop

Personalizing and optimizing the agent desktop, to include telephony and contact center features are challenges we can help you undertake.

Intelligent routing

Because your callers don’t enjoy spending time listening to on hold music or being transferred from one agent to another, our consultants can help you design, deploy and optimize routing strategies.


Real-time and historical reporting and statistics 

To measure and understand how your contact center works, with the goal of diminishing costs while improving caller satisfaction: a must for any serious organization.



Because of Nu Echo’s deep expertise and quest for excellence, I’m confident that my customers are in good hands.

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