Call center and speech recognition solutions that simply work better.

Nu Echo delivers contact center and speech recognition solutions for enterprise customers. Building upon a highly skilled team of industry experts and a full suite of application development, tuning, and testing tools, Nu Echo is uniquely equipped to deliver solutions that simply work better.

Nu Echo has performed well beyond expectations by providing deliverables ahead of schedule and their general responsiveness to questions from Microsoft Tellme and our partner, Servion. Their positive and ‘can do’ attitude makes them easy to work with and has been invaluable given the efforts to pull off these migrations.
Sr. Technical Account Manager

Where we come from

Nu Echo was founded in 2002 with the goal of developing packaged VoiceXML speech applications that offer unbeatable caller experience and success rates. In order to deliver on this promise, the company developed a complete suite of development, optimization, and testing tools, which are still the foundation of its speech recognition and application development practice. Several of these tools are now publicly available, including the NuGram™ IDE grammar development environment, the NuBot™ Call Center testing platform, and, more recently, Rivr™, an open-source VoiceXML application framework.

Over the past few years, Nu Echo has broadened its focus to cover the entire contact center market. In addition to offering a contact center professional services practice, the company provides products that complement leading contact center platforms.

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