Nu Echo is a leading expert in the contact center industry. We are working on complex problems, constantly striving for innovation. Our playground includes speech recognition and synthesis technologies, telephony, web services, computer-telephony integration (CTI), and much more.

We are always looking for bright people!

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We are constantly seeking dynamic and talented people who are passionate about their work and are motivated by our obsession for delivering products of uncompromising quality and performance and by the excellence of our professional services, for which we are now widely recognized in the industry. Innovation, rigour, team spirit, passion and the ability and desire to have fun at work are essential qualities that we look for in any candidate.

Our Tool Set Includes

Java™, JVM-based languages, C/C++, Erlang, Scheme, Ruby, Javascript, ...

Git, GitHub™, GitLab, with code review, Wikis, and more. Some love Git GUI, some don't, some even despise it.

Nuance, AWS, Chef, CouchDB, Gradle, Vagrant, Eclipse... What can you bring?

CentOS on the server, laptops featuring Linux Inside (you can still use Windows though :-)

As Part of Nu Echo You Will

  • Be part of a group of dynamic and talented people who are passionate about their work.
  • Be constantly challenged in a technical environment that encourages each team member to grow professionally and personally.
  • Have a flexible schedule in a family-friendly environment.
  • Be part of a team where the code base is owned by everyone and where anyone can step in.
  • Work in a loft-type environment in downtown Montreal.
  • Have access to a fridge full of cold beer every Friday at 4PM.
  • Have the chance to participate in activities such as bowling, curling, petanque, karting, and other extreme sports.

Downtown Montreal, Canada

We are located in Downtown Montreal, in the centuries-old fur district, just off Ste-Catherine Street, in an industrial loft-type environment.

Bars and live music next door, walking distance from major transportation services including three subway stations, the central train station, and numerous Bixi bicycle rental stations for a smooth commute.

Not to mention access to restaurants, shopping malls, nearby festivals year-round, in a cultural, gastronomic, and fun to live in cosmopolitan city.


Current Positions

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