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Intelligent virtual agent solutions

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Each IVA we build is customized to answer your specific use cases, and developed to tightly integrate to your contact center and IT infrastructure. Contact us today to learn more about getting the most advanced AI solutions working for you.

Nu Echo’s custom intelligent virtual assistants (agents) are built to maximize customer experience (CX) and customer service support and delivery through the chat channel.

Chatbots and IVAs

Custom Intelligent Virtual Agent Solutions

Having an intelligent conversation with your customers is no longer limited to your contact center agents. Advancements in machine learning and the development of more sophisticated algorithms for Natural Language Processing are making it possible to expand your contact center agent pool without adding headcount. Each chatbot / IVA we build is customized to your specific use cases, and developed to tightly integrate to your contact center infrastructure and your back-office systems.


Self-service through chat

Ability to provider service and support to your clients through the chat channel


Ability to personalize the communication you have with your clients which translates into more meaningful conversations


Branding and corporate persona extension to new channels

New digital channel

Creation of a new optimized digital channel of communication

Operational optimization

Improved use of your agents; cost reduction, operational optimization and efficiency


Analytics, access to data and potential to improve the quality of your overall CX

Continuous improvement

Continuous improvement in terms of the quality of the overall customer experience achieves through tuning of the IVA solution to better answer requests

Employee motivation/retention

With Nu Echo's IVA solution(s) answering recurring, monotonous requests, it leaves your agents free to answer mission critical service support inquiries

Nu Echo's Approach: The 4 pillars

What Nu Echo's IVA Solutions can do...does your chatbot do that?

Chatbots and IVAs

Nu Echo Intelligent Virtual Agent: The Differentiators

  • Identification / authentication
  • Transactional: our solutions allow for client transations (purchases, money transfers, opening CS tickets, other)
  • More human-like conversations enabled through mixed initiative dialog
  • Transfer of full chat conversation to live agent(s)
Clients and Partners

Nu Echo has had the opportunity to work with industry leading organizations

A unique process

Conversational Innovation Methodology

Unlike simple structured/ guided dialog chatbots that can be deployed fairly rapidly, conversational solutions designed for greater intelligence and longevity require a full solution lifecycle. They also require a continuous improvement strategy that starts with the initial deployment, and continues throughout the life of the application.

At Nu Echo, we draw upon the same lifecycle strategy that we have used for nearly two decades to support our clients' Natural Language solutions. Continuous improvement isn't an expensive proposition, and it positions your IVA/Chabot to be much more than a one hit wonder.

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