Urgent situations
require urgent action.

NuCorder Message Management

NuCorder™ offers both web and voice interfaces to manage call center emergency and information messages.


Fire drills or emergency evacuations, there are no longer any reasons to keep your customers in the dark.
Known issues, service announcements and temporary promotions are all reasons to keep your customers in the loop.
Get audio message activation flags from your IRD or Composer-based applications using an intuitive HTTP-based API. Manage messages through the web dashboard.


Multi-channel interface

Instantly listen to, record, or activate / deactivate any given message, anywhere within the application. Use either a phone application or the web interface.

Tight integration

Leverage your existing Genesys contact center platform infrastructure.

High availability

Failover support and automatic audio message replication are available across your infrastructure.

Security policy enforcement

Configurable phone number whitelist and Genesys' Account access control list (ACL) are supported.


Multilingual support and message attributes such as blocking and barge-in mode provide supervisors with the flexibility they need.

Business units

NuCorder supports business unit confinement for more fine-grained control.

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