Nu Echo Solutions at a glance

Nu Echo has developed a series of solutions that address the needs of telecom system integrators, speech application developers, and contact center / call center operators and managers.

NuBot™ Automated Testing Platform

NuBot™ is a self-serve, high capacity, automated testing platform for identifying critical performance and customer experience issues in enterprise telecom and call center systems.

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NuSkills™ Skills Assignment

NuSkills™ is a skills assignment solution for the Genesys Customer Experience Platform.

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NuGram™ Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

NuGram IDE is an Eclipse plug-in that offers a complete development environment for speech recognition grammars. It is designed to fully support the rigorous grammar development processes required to produce solid grammars efficiently.

NuCorder™ Call Center Message Management

NuCorder™ offers both web and voice interfaces for managing call center emergency and information messages.

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NuAddress™ Address Capture

NuAddress™ is a VoiceXML speech application module that captures addresses through effective and natural dialogue with callers.

NuID™ Identity Validation

NuID™ automates the contact center caller identification and validation process with breakthrough automation rates and user experience.

Atelier™ Speech Application Tuning Environment

The Atelier™ speech application tuning environment is used by Nu Echo’s speech scientists to enhance the performance of customer speech applications.

Rivr™ Dialogue Engine

Rivr™ is a lightweight open-source dialogue engine that enables developers to easily create enterprise-grade, Java-based, VoiceXML applications.

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