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Nu Echo is a provider of conversational experience solutions for contact centers. We enable personalized, omnichannel voice and text conversational interactions between organizations and their customers. We offer a range of professional services and solutions that help organizations bring their customer experience to the next level.

Contact Center Solutions

Nu Echo focuses on the Genesys and the Amazon Connect contact center platforms. Our team of experts guide you through every aspect of contact center best practices, integrations, deployments right through to QA and change management. We thrive in the most complex environments. If all of your unique business requirements cannot be met by the out-of-the-box Genesys platform, our team of software engineers will tailor the solution by custom developing any tools, frameworks, user interfaces, or other components in order to fully meet your needs.


We help our clients

Sample solutions include:

  • Inbound voice channel audit and optimization
  • Design and implementation of IVR and routing strategies
  • Reporting solutions for Genesys PureEngage
  • Deployment of Callback on Genesys PureEngage
  • Implementation of elastic contact center solutions with Amazon Connect

Conversational IVR

Nu Echo was founded fifteen years ago with the mission to deliver the best speech-enabled conversational IVR experience available. Over the years, we have developed a truly unique set of expertise, tools, and technologies to support this practice. The exploding popularity of chatbots and intelligent virtual agents (IVAs) makes our unique experience in IVR, speech recognition, natural language understanding, and conversational UX more relevant than ever.


Whether you want to streamline IVR call flows, upgrade from a DTMF IVR to a speech IVR with NLU call steering, or you want a fully conversational IVR, we are the partner you are looking for.

  • IVR audit and optimization
  • Conversational experience design
  • Directed dialog
  • NLU call steering
  • Mixed-initiative dialogs
  • Speech recognition tuning
Chatbots and IVAs

Intelligent Virtual Agent Solutions

Nu Echo’s custom designed intelligent virtual agents (assistants) are built to maximize customer experience and customer service through the chat channel. Having an intelligent conversation with your customers is no longer limited to your contact center agents. Advancements in machine learning and the development of more sophisticated algorithms for Natural Language Processing are making it possible to expand your contact center agent pool without adding headcount. We can deliver IVA solutions on the leading conversational platforms, including Google Dialogflow and IBM Watson.


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