Conversational IVR

Conversational IVR leverages natural language understanding, sophisticated conversational dialog design, speech recognition and artificial intelligence to provide users with the most natural and effortless way to communicate with your enterprise.

IVR Audit

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Even one bad experience can turn your customers away. When it comes to urgent communication with your clients, the voice channel is still number one; when was the last time you evaluated the performance of your IVR?

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Conversational IVR Services & Solutions

Conversational IVR allows clients access to simple, effective and intuitive self-service functionalities at their convenience while enabling easy transition to a human agent for more complex queries or if they need help.

IVR Consulting services

We provide a broad range of Conversational IVR consulting services, including conversational speech IVR application design and development, on multiple platforms.

IVR Audit

We can help you improve customer experience by optimizing your voice channel, examining and analyzing all the components of the existing IVR solution in place, including routing rules, to identify issues, pain points, and to propose short, medium and long term improvements.


Full lifecycle IVR development (DTMF & conversational)

From requirements to deployment, we can help you at every step in the lifecycle of your IVR development, by providing an outstanding range and depth of expertise.

Speech application development

We bring 20+ years of experience in developing, deploying and tuning speech applications. Our experienced VUI designers and speech scientists will help you provide your customers with the best caller experience and most optimal speech recognition performance available.

We know speech recognition and NLU

Nu Echo’s team brings a wealth of expertise in speech recognition, natural language understanding and machine learning. We can design and develop the conversational IVR user experience your customers are looking for.

Areas of Expertise

Over the years, we have developed a truly unique set of expertise, tools, and technologies to support this practice.

NLU ( Natural Language Understanding) / Machine Learning

Conversational UI/UX

Speech Recognition

20+ years experience delivering conversational IVR


IVR Audit and Optimization

Digital channels are certainly becoming primary means of communication, but when it comes to urgent communication with your clients, the voice channel is still number one.
We can help you go from touch-tone to conversational IVR; learn more about our IVR audits.

Clients & Partners

Some of our IVR clients

Nu Echo's conversational IVR practice relies on the expertise and experience of highly qualified conversational user experience designers, speech scientists, NLP and machine learning experts, who constantly push the envelop and thrive on complex challenges.

Why work with Rivr

Rivr / Open-source dialogue engine

Why work with Rivr?

Your Code is your Application. Leverage your Workflow. Embrace OO Principles. Production Grade.


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