From open source VoiceXML toolkit to address capture and identity validation modules.
We've built those, so you don't have to.

Nu Echo offers a complete suite of consulting and professional services for the design, development, deployment, and enhancement of contact center systems.

Rivr™ Dialogue Engine

Rivr is a lightweight open-source dialogue engine enabling Java developers to easily create enterprise-grade VoiceXML applications.
Easily create VoiceXML applications with the Java VM tools your learned to know and love.

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Centralized and unified development code base. Java/JVM-centric approach where code is king.
No Templates. No Session Management.

NuAddress North American Address Capture Module

Recognizing the importance of accuracy and performance, we have spent several years developing, deploying and tuning NuAddress™, a VoiceXML module that captures addresses through effective and natural dialogue with callers.

Each organization is different so NuAddress has been designed to be easily integrated into a wide variety of environments and to be easily customized in order to meet each organization's unique requirements.

In addition, you get the benefit of addresses that have been validated by official source databases and that strictly comply with Official Addressing Guidelines, therefore enabling you to potentially reduce mailing costs.

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NuID Identity Validation Module

There are many situations where a simple means of authentication—such as a PIN or password—cannot be used, either because the caller doesn't have one or has forgotten it. For most of these cases, caller authentication must be performed by contact center agents using security questions, which results in significant costs to the organization. Automating the identity verification process can bring two key benefits:

  • It reduces the amount of time an agent has to spend per call. For large contact centers, this alone can produce annual savings measured in the millions of dollars.
  • It paves the way for self-service applications that require caller authentication.

NuID™ is a proven solution that achieves unbelievable automation rates using dialogue that is faster and more efficient than other known solutions. Sounds too good to be true? It's not.

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