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Performance Testing Made Simple
Our Proven Methodology

With the development and launch of the NuBot™ Automated Performance Testing Platform, Nu-Echo has set itself apart within the Contact Center and telephony infrastructure market as the go to consulting firm for performance testing, quality control and assurance.

NuBot helps take the risk out of full or partial, new or existing contact center deployments or telephony infrastructure testing by ensuring business requirements are met. A well-built system results in satisfied clients and long-term sales potential.

What is High Capacity Automated Performance Testing?

In the context of contact centers and telephony infrastructure, high capacity automated performance testing means the ability to place a high number of simultaneous calls to the tested infrastructure and validate that it performs as expected under the types of load that it is expected to handle.

Benefits of a Full Service Project Testing Approach?

The full service testing approach means we focus on testing so you can focus on your core competencies/business. Nu Echo will manage test design & development, NuBot testing platform operation, results collection, results summary production, and final reporting. We provide project management services to coordinate these activities with our clients. There is no need for the client to invest time and efforts to learn how to design test projects, develop test scenarios, or operate the testing platform.

A Proven Methodology

Nu Echo has demonstrated its performance testing prowess working with several industry leading enterprises for their testing projects. Here is what you can expect when working with us:

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