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Monitoring for contact centers and telephone systems

Helping to ensure a consistent client experience.

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Are you sure your contact center and telephone system is performing as planned? Eliminate the risk of your system performing sub-par, for multiple hours without your knowledge which often results in client dissatisfaction and loss of revenues. Detect issues when they happen with NuBot Ping monitoring.

How it works

NuBot Ping monitoring offers one of the industry's most user friendly, web-based solutions. Hosted on AWS, NuBot Ping is available anywhere, anytime permitting an active internet connection.

No licensing fee, NuBot Ping is available to you and your team without limit. Monitoring and reporting real-time, puts you in the driver's seat of your systems efficiency. Our monitoring experts will help you get up and running quickly and easily; we manage your initial monitoring scenario creation and configuration.

Contact Center & Telephone System Monitoring


  • Flexibility: changes are easy with our web-based monitoring solution (adjust the frequency of your monitoring, add scenarios and configurations, change or add phone numbers, other)
  • Available anywhere, anytime (permitting a functional internet connection)
  • User-friendly scenario & configuration builder
  • On-demand alerts (email, telephone, SMS)
  • Real-time dashboards, monitoring & statistics
    (track call errors, call statistics, call history+)
  • Historical data log
  • Call recordings (available for export)
  • Monitoring frequency as often as every minute, 24/7
  • Configurable alert criteria
  • Advanced pattern matching technology/most accurate on the market for prompt recognition (language agnostic, music compatible, etc.)
  • No license fees/unlimited users (one account per organization)
  • Standard configuration included *
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* Additional charges for complex configurations.

What we detect

  • The answering of your phone system and IVR
  • That your IVR is behaving as planned, proper menu navigation
  • That proper messaging is being played
  • If your system is down, busy, slow or having routing issues
  • Dropped calls, silence, busy signals and delays
  • Voice quality (measured through our MOS calculator)
  • Long call setup time
  • Network congestion
  • Telecom provider service (toll free provider, carrier, more)
  • Fax tone / line is up

Why clients choose to work with us for their system monitoring…

Businesses both large and small

When you’re company is not reachable, you reduce customer satisfaction, lose potential sales, and lower your overall company productivity. Today’s telephony infrastructure is complex and several components may experience malfunctions due to telecom component failures, network congestion, or incorrect configurations. Whether you are a small or large organization, NuBot PING alerts notify you when your customers’, partners’, or employees’ calls are not reaching your business.

Ex. In this situation, one simple test run every 15 minutes to the main phone number of your corporate office (reaching an auto attendant) can ensure your employees are reachable by your clients.

Contact Centers

When it comes to contact centers, ensuring that your automated services such as IVR applications are working properly is crucial to manage costs. With NuBot Ping, you can test complete call flows and transactions and correct issues (service availability, long wait times, etc.) before you ever receive complaints from you customers.

Ex. Phoning in to several locations (with unique phone numbers) with a complex call flows can ensure proper routing and client experience (multi-step, notify of long waiting times, etc.). This often requires multiple phone numbers and multiple more complex scenarios, tested on a regular frequency especially during peak times.

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