Partner Program

Dedicated to Providing Top Performance
for Contact Centers and Telephony Infrastructure

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Why not provide your clients peace of mind while demonstrating your consulting prowess. NuBot certify your deployments from now on. New contact center and telephony deployment projects have issues 100% of the time. Do you know where the problems are hiding? We want to help you deliver systems and solutions that meet your promises.

Our NuBot Partners can have their deployments NuBot certified.

Becoming a partner is simple

1 Sign the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

2 Promote & sell the NuBot Fast-Track

3 Benefit from being a partner


Partner Program

Partner Advantages | The Benefits

NuBot Certified Deployments

Nu Echo will run your clients testing projects on your behalf, ensuring we have met all testing goals in the set time frames. We stand by our work and guarantee that we will find the hidden issues prior to deployment (based and limited to the type of system testing we perform). See specific contracts for details.

Standard Discount

By choosing to become a NuBot Partner, you will immediately benefit from your partner discount on every sale of the NuBot Fast-Track from the date of the signing of the MOU and moving forward.

Sales Training

We will provide your sales team complimentary sales training. The following topics will be covered: Performance testing: NuBot 101 and NuBot Fast-Track service. Training takes a total of 2 hours and is presented by NuBot Special Teams (remotely).

Sales Collateral

All NuBot sales collateral and content are provided to partners free of charge. We can customise the NuBot documentation with your logo and contact information if desired. Please contact marketing@nuecho.com to know more.

Logo placement and corporate brief on Nu Echo.com

Nu Echo will include your logo and company brief on our corporate website at www.nuecho.com. Please be sure to transfer a high resolution logo to marketing@nuecho.com. All company briefs should be submitted to the Nu Echo marketing department. If you need assistance drafting your corporate brief we can draft it for you and send it for approval before posting.

Press release announcing the partnership

In 2016 content is king. The more content you produce, the more exposure potential. We will write a corporate press release announcing our partnership; we will work together to produce the final draft and communicate it to our respective databases.

Social media exposure

Nu Echo is always looking for content to promote on our social media feeds. We will design and develop social media banners to promote our partnership.

Email campaigns to send to your database

We have a series of three email campaigns which we can provide to you to inform your database about the importance of performance testing, promoting 200 FREE NuBot minutes for the trial of the platform, as well as promotion of a copy of our approach and methodology. We can even send it our for you. Speak with Marketing for the details.

Access to 200 minutes FREE/one per lead

As an incentive to help encourage your clients to bring on NuBot for their performance testing, we will provide each qualified lead you provide an account for 200 Free NuBot minutes for their technical team to explore and see the potential.

Trade show support

Are you participating in an event and want NuBot there with you? Want to promote NuBot at your next event? Nu Echo will support your trade events efforts. Not accessible to all partners/applications for event support are evaluated on a case by case basis.

50/50 co-op advertising support

We want to promote our organisation with you! Our partnership speaks for itself, the more we get our name out there, the more aware clients will be of testing. Awareness generates business so let’s promote together! Certain rules apply, please contact our Marketing department for details.

Request a copy of our partner program!