Genesys QuickStart Contact Center - Request for Information

Package Features

Voice Module (IVR & CIM)




Work Force Management (WFM Module)




Genesys Interaction Recording (GIR Module)




Number of Agents

Up to 100

Up to 200

Up to 300

Number of DNIS numbers


Up to 3

Up to 5

Simple menu trees (3 x 5 / 5 x 3 or equivalent)


Up to 3

Up to 5

Virtual queues

Maximum 10

Maximum 15

Maximum 20


Maximum 10

Maximum 15

Maximum 20

Average project duration

3 months

4.5 months

6 months

Professional Services Pricing (Tot. Avg.)




* Genesys Licenses and Maintenance Quoted Separately. Contact Nu Echo today to help prepare a quote for you.
Standard features included in all of the
QuickStart Packages.
Bilingual (English/French) Included
Supervisor 10%
Test agents 5
Genesys environments 1
Standard warranty 30 days

Start your Contact Center with a Genesys QuickStart!

Infinite flexibility, scalability and possibility for customization...

The QuickStart packages are here to help answer your system needs, getting your new contact center running as quickly and efficiently as possible. Nu Echo wants to ensure that your QuickStart package truly responds to what you are looking for. Here are just some of the options available for any of our QuickStart packages; speak with one of our representatives to have any of these options added to your package:

Additional options available for QuickStart Packages

Telephony Integration (non SIP)

IVR Backend Integration

IVR Automation

Agent Desktop Integration

Outbound calls

Click-to-call, Clickback

SMS, Chat and Email

Speech Analytics

Screen Recording

Speech Recognition

User Identification

Voice Biometry

Batch Skills Assignment

Text to Speech

Auto Attendant

Additional Agents

Additional Skills, VQ, other

Additional IVR, menus, other


Custom Reports

Custom Development

System Training

Additional Environments

Additional Project Activities

Redundancy / HA

Agent Training

Coach Training

Operation Support

Performance Monitoring

24/7 Support

QuickStart steps with Nu Echo


The Process

Nu Echo is focused on delivering Genesys QuickStart packages that meet your needs and get your system up and running quickly and easily. A member of our professional services team will schedule a meeting with you and your team to review the features you are interested in as well as your planned architecture. We always start with a high level plan for you can consider; ironing out the details. Once we get the go, we launch into analysis and design, installation, configuration and integration. You will validate the system in a sandbox environment, and Nu Echo will be ready to make adjustments. Then Basic training will begin to ensure your team is functional and ready for go live. Finally the system will be deployed and you can begin a new level of operations with your contact center! We are here to help ensure your system is continuously improving and scaling as your business grows.

Genesys QuickStart Contact Center - Request for Information

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