Words that describe our team...
Technologically savvy. Passionate. Open.
Honest. Flexible. With a sense of humor.

Think you got what it takes?

Nu Echo is the first organisation I have worked for in my career that truly believes in work-life balance. Respect, openness of ideas, challenge and true teamwork, makes Nu Echo a company you are motivated to work for!

Choose to join our team!

We are good people. Passionate people. With a true focus on balance and harmony. We share. Exchange ideas. And build on each of our strengths. We support each other and believe in work-life balance. We are innovators and thinkers. Our projects quality speaks for itself, with clients returning and referring us new opportunities. Nothing flashy; just a great place to work.

Career Opportunities

We are currently looking for people to fill the following position(s):

Contact Center Software Developer
Full time, Montreal, QC

CCC Business Analyst
Full time, Montreal, QC



Work benefits

Competitive salary

Attracting talent means understanding what it takes to motivate our team mentally, emotionally and financially. We do it right.

Flexible working hours (potential to WFH)

Staying with the time, we work from the office en to ensure our team dynamic but when it makes sense for getting work done working from home is always a great option.

Career advancement

Keeping in tune with the pulse of each of our team members allows us to understand where they see their career heading and we work on helping them achieve their personal career objectives.

Happy hour every Friday

A team who parties together stays together. Every Friday at 4:00 we reunite after a hard weeks work and chit chat about the weekend and our interests over a good cold beer.

Downtown office location (Montreal, 2 min from Place des Arts)

Practical regardless of where you reside. Nu Echo is right off the Place des Arts metro stop.

Autonomy & empowerment

Being able to take a project, plan and execute it provides a sense of accomplishment. Our team is made up of autonomous team players who can take new projects and run with them. Empowerment is part of the game when you can deliver successful projects on time and in budget.

Learning & development

We invest in the continuous learning and development of our team. In order to stay ahead of the game when it comes to CX innovation, learning the latest and greatest trends, techniques and skills is imperative.

Open-minded, team environment

All for one and one for all. Working together and sharing opinions. As a team we achieve our goals.

Focus on innovation

We like to push technology in new and un-chartered territories. We are never satisfied with the status quo; whether it is in developing new applications, in designing and customizing CCC systems or creating new technologies to push the limits of client interactions within a larger omnichannel strategy.


Vacation. Vacation. Vacation. This one kind of explains itself. Yes we ensure the team takes the time they need to recharge their batteries!

Health & medical insurance

Nu Echo offers a well developed health and medical insurance package.

Working at Nu Echo

Nu Echo offers a progressive work environment that attracts top talent. We provide the flexibility to grow, learn, challenge and push your career to new heights.

Resources & Events

Events, innovative content, and industry news.
Nu Echo is creating ripples in the market.

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