NuSkills™ is a skill assignment solution for the Genesys Customer Experience Platform that enables managers to quickly assign skills to agents now and in the future.

Skills assignment made SIMPLE

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NuSkills significantly reduces the complexity and effort associated with producing skill assignments, replacing labour-intensive and error-prone manual processes. Speak with one of our sales professionals to learn more about how NuSkills can work for you.

Leveraging data about skills, agents, agent groups, and business units from Genesys Configuration Server, NuSkills uses an intuitive web-based interface to create skill assignments that ensure agents with the right skills receive routed calls.

NuSkills organizes required agent skills into reusable profiles that can be assigned to agent groups or individual agents immediately or on an ongoing basis. Standardized skill profiles enhance efficiency when creating skill assignments, allowing the contact center manager to save time and avoid manual entries (and the errors that often accompany them).

A smarter way to work

With the ability to automate skill assignments now and in the future, NuSkills enables contact center managers to perform intricate skill management during regular office hours. The time saved using NuSkills can be applied to addressing critical business challenges such as providing a consistent customer experience; finding, hiring, and retaining the right employees; and optimizing contact center resources, ultimately contributing to the bottom line.


Skill profiles

Group together the skills and skill levels required for a given task. Reuse across assignments to save time and eliminate mistakes.

Automated assignments

Associate/pair skill profile with skill requirements to generate appropriate skill assignments for individual agents and agent groups.

Flexible scheduling

Assign skills to agents and agent groups immediately, in the future, or on a recurring basis.

Assignment simulation

Validate skill assignments (agent appropriateness, availability) before they are published.

Role-based access control

Leverage account details from Genesys, including user access rights to provide support for multiple users.

Mutiple business units

Support for multiple business units and contact centers, limiting access rights and authoring to associated administrators defined in Genesys.


Inspect all modifications made to the system over time, through an effective yet intuitive interface.

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Key Benefits

Automates and simplifies skill assignments, reducing or eliminating manual errors in the process.

Minimizes the effort required to assign agents to the groups where they are most needed and can be the most effective.

Enhanced productivity
Frees up supervisors to address critical business challenges such as providing a consistent customer experience and more timely support for promotional efforts.

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