Have you used your IVR lately?

It might be time to upgrade your voice channel

IVR Audit & Optimization

So, when was the last time you looked at your voice channel? Nu Echo can evaluate your IVR, helping you find new ways to improve customer experience. Contact us today.

Maybe its time that you considered an audit of your IVR

The key to any successful business is keeping customers happy.

Even one bad experience can turn your customers away. Digital channels are certainly becoming primary means of communication, but when it comes to urgent communication with your clients, the voice channel is still number one.

IVR Optimization Audit: EVALUATE

Nu Echo can evaluate your IVR. More importantly, we can help you determine whether applying new technology and methods can improve your customers’ experience. We will analyze all available documentation, data, and statistics regarding the IVR applications as well as manually test the system for usability issues. So, what can you expect if you choose to work with us?

Business requirements assessment

Meetings with the various primary related resources including the CC(s) and or inside sales. The goal of these meetings is to create an accurate portrait of the current situation, the needs, the opportunities and challenges that each of the teams experience as well as understand the different types of clients serviced by the IVR.

Articulate the business objectives for the voice channel

A comprehensive audit of your IVR applications

Inventory of current IVR platforms

Audit of existing telephone numbers (DIDs) associated with the IVR(s)

Audit of available documentation for each IVR, ex.: IVR structure, audio recording segments, routing rules, agent skills, agent groups, etc.

Call routing

CC agent organisation in terms of skills and groups

Available statistics concerning both IVR call volume to the various options, routing/improper routing, transfers

On-hold and standard information capsules

Analysis of IVR logs and statistics

Evaluation of IVR statistics, key performance indicators (KPIs), measurables, corporate goals & objectives vs actual results and use of the IVR by clients.

Evaluation of available data relating to current client satisfaction

Collection & evaluation of studies and questionnaires available regarding client satisfaction, complaints/irritants, as well as feedback from agents, supervisors, directors, other.

Resource and department workshops

Generally these resource interview and department workshops help to gather data and share industry knowledge as well as best practices. These are the typical resources involved in IVR audits: Customer experience resources in order to clearly understand the objectives, challenges and business rules of conduct. These sessions will help define the voice channel use cases supported by each LOB. Contact center agents and supervisors to understand their experience and feedback in relation to the voice interactions/calls. Educational sessions to cover various topics related to the best practices for contact center and voice interface (voice recognition, voice biometrics, etc.) as well as market trends.

IVR journey evaluation

What role does the IVR currently play in the client journey? Is it meeting expectations? Are there better ways to more quickly respond to clients? Evaluation and analysis from both the corporate and client perspectives.

Manual IVR testing

Conducted by a dedicated analyst who will require all information to conduct tests as a client / test current functionality / features / services offered through the IVR. Testing allows for the comparison of the actual experience vs documentation as well as listen to the actual messaging (evaluate the quality of the sound, clarification of the instructions, as well as evaluate the true customer experience).

Analysis of current and potential solutions

Analyse trending technology solutions available in order to respond to the business needs as well as propose new voice channel interaction strategies.


IVR Optimization Audit: REPORT

We work side by side with out clients to produce in-depth reports during the activities phase. We use best practices to ensure tangible results. So what, will you take away if you choose to work with us?

  1. Analysis of the information collected during the work sessions
  2. Analysis of your current technology solutions and components in relation to the current state of the industry
  3. Recommendations for optimization and opportunities for improvement
  4. Description of the risks and challenges identified
  5. Roadmap and optimization options for next steps

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