Conversations apply to any businesses and for more than 17 years, Nu Echo has partnered companies to deliver customized customer self-service and automated conversational solutions that solve your unique industry needs. We are passionate people and our approach is results-focused. We work with the best technologies and you… the knowledgeable clients who know their industry.

Intelligent engagement, from passengers to patients

Banking and Financial Services

24/7 Text and Voice virtual agent for better customer service

Financial Services and Banking institutions face tough challenges with increasingly rigid regulations and more sophisticated customers. Those that are most successful at adding value and staying ahead of the competition differentiate themselves with a superior customer experience.


Intelligent contact center and automated communications through virtual assistants.

Citizens are consumers; they expect a personalized and much higher level of service than ever before. Services provided by government agencies are essential. That’s why it’s so important to provide them with fast, easy and secure ways to get information and resources across all channels of contact.​


Engage health consumers through the channel of their choice

The healthcare landscape is constantly changing and patients are more reliant today on healthcare services than ever before for everything from scheduling appointments, to getting insurance and billing questions answered. As an example, to ensure great experiences throughout the entire patient journey, it becomes critical that contact centers and other digital channels meet patient expectations during every interaction.​


The main challenge for insurance companies is how best to deliver an exceptional and differentiated customer experience.

Great customer experiences and ease of doing business, including 24/7 access to services, are the top factors influencing customers choosing an insurance provider. Clients interact most often with insurers to process a claim, make a payment, register a complaint, change a premium or discuss a better offer from a competitor. In this highly competitive environment where customers can do all their comparative shopping online, one poor customer service interaction can be all it takes for a customer to switch to another provider.​


Increase customer engagement by making online as good as in-store through intelligent virtual assistant.

With the advent of online sites and mobile apps, shoppers are redefining the retail customer experience and how they interact with brands. Brick-and-mortar stores are often considered as showrooms, with online sales continuing their upward trend. No matter what channels customers are choosing to interact: phone call, email, web chat, mobile app or social media, they expect the same level of service as they receive at the store.​


Make your customer service an enjoyment to experience and an asset for your company.

Telecom and other communications service providers are finding it more and more difficult to differentiate themselves from fierce competitors who offer an ultra-rapid suite of new digital services. Add to that an increasingly demanding clientele who have many options to choose from when service levels dip or complaints are not quickly addressed and there’s a problem. To be competitive, communications service providers must provide a superior customer experience in order to reducing churn and be keenly attuned to the voice of the customer by gaining a deeper understanding of the factors that drive both dissatisfaction and delight.

Travel and hospitality

Exceptional customer service and booking experience

​By nature, travelers are on the move. They need an omni‑channel customer experience that lets them engage with your brand at any given moment, any given place, on whichever device is convenient. Each touchpoint must be updated with their very latest information and offer them everything they need to make their trip run smoothly. Virtual assistants, combined with live chat, can navigate mobile or desktop website users directly to the information and resources they need and provides answers quickly and easily. Proactive notifications and alerts can inform via voice, text or email to keep your travelers informed of changes.

Utilities and energy

Delivering quality customer service while controlling costs

​As the energy and utilities market becomes increasingly deregulated, companies must improve customer service and support to remain competitive to remain competitive seeking to reduce operational expenses, improve customer experience, and monitor agent performance.