Why Nu Echo?


The voice virtual agent experts

Creating a conversational voice experience requires unique expertise. We have been specializing in the design of conversational voice solutions for almost 20 years. Our distinguishing feature: the exceptional success rate of our dialogues


Multidisciplinary expertise

Creating compelling voice conversational experiences requires a strong multidisciplinary team: Business analysts, conversational UX designers, speech recognition and natural language processing experts, systems architects, software developers, contact center experts. We got you covered.

Rigorous development and optimization process

Between a “toy” voice agent that can be created in a few hours and a solid, high-performance solution, there is a huge gap. A virtual voice agent that can actually be used successfully by the general public is a complex application that must be scalable in order to continually improve and adapt to constantly changing needs and users. This requires a rigorous process of continuous development, testing, and optimization. Creating effective conversational experiences with technologies still far from human capabilities – dialogue management, natural language processing, speech recognition does not happen by accident. This is what we have been doing for almost 20 years!