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According to Canadian legislation, Nu Echo follows the 10 principles set out by the Personal Information Policy and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA). For more information pertaining to PIPEDA and your rights and responsibilities with regard to the law, please refer to

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Nu Echo Privacy Policy

We take your contact information seriously. Read more about how we manage any personal information we collect.


Nu Echo follows the 10 principles set out by the Personal Information Policy and Electronic Documents Act and these responsibilities are ensured by the corporate privacy officer: Stephanie Quinn, Director Marketing, Nu Echo

The privacy officer ensures that all responsibilities are understood and followed by the entire organization as well as answers any and all questions pertaining to privacy policy, questioned by Lead/Contact/Employee.

Nu Echo protects all personal information held by the organization through the internal systems support and firewalls. Personal client information is never transferred to a third party without specific consent of the Lead/Contact/Employee.

Nu Echo is accountable to all stipulations in the corporate privacy policy.

Nu Echo collects the following personal client information:

To open an account
Company name, Address in full, Telephone number, Fax, Accounts payable contact, Email address, Type of business

Information collected through web forms to respond to inquiries and redeem sales promotions and offers Contact name, Title, Company, Telephone number, Email

The marketing department regularly sends information/press releases/promotions/other via e-mail to our Leads/Contacts so that they are aware of events/promotions/product or industry information that may be of benefit/interest.

Nu Echo always provides a means of opting out of the given marketing initiative from that time on if the Lead/Contact so desires. Partners and Clients are added to the Nu Echo database as soon as they are officially an approved partner or a client of Nu Echo. Partners and Clients are made aware of their inclusion in the Nu Echo database as soon as they sign any contract with Nu Echo.

Lead/Contact may register for inclusion into the Nu Echo database via various online resources, ie. the Nu Echo website, web forms, landing pages, email. It is understood that upon submission of the registration that the Lead/Contact is opting-in to the Nu Echo database. However, all contact made with the Lead/Contact will have set-out methods of opting-out, feedback and include a link to the detailed privacy policy.

Purpose of collecting Marketing data: To inform Lead/Contact, through various marketing initiatives, of new / existing products, brands, service offerings, news, promotions and events within the telecommunications industry. The marketing department will only use the personal information, provided by an individual to Nu Echo, for the purpose of receiving marketing literature/promotions/other, unless the Lead/Contact suggests otherwise and therefore provides consent. All personal information will be collected through e-mail/Internet/telephone.

Each Nu Echo digital marketing initiative will contain:

A link to the Nu Echo privacy policy, and who to contact regarding questions
A way to Opt-Out of the promotion/marketing initiative
A way to correct personal information
A way to provide feedback

Identifying purpose

Depending on the outreach of the Lead/Contact, purpose is unique. Please see the following examples:

Opening of Account document: purpose/effective product service delivery
Online web info request: purpose/information collection
Online web promotion form: purpose/redemption of given sales incentive
Trade show scan: purpose/further information, quote, partnership, other
Webinar registration: purpose/information, education
Other examples exist but there are the most common we run into in Nu Echo day to day business.


Lead/Contact grants consent in: entering their personal information into an online web request form, completing an online form for redemption of a sales promotion, choosing to work with Nu Echo as a client, requesting information through other means such as telephone, email, face-to-face through event, or other. Each email communication with the Lead/Contact will have a means of opting out of the Nu Echo database. The only exception is that clients cannot opt out of email that will be detrimental to the completion of an ongoing project, etc.

Limiting collection

Nu Echo will only collect information pertinent to the processing and delivery of their products and services. In the case of marketing initiatives, only information pertinent to the delivery and tracking of the marketing effort will be collected (as little as: name, company name, and email – as much as: name, company name, title, address, telephone, mobile, email).

Limiting use, disclosure and retention

Personal information, pertaining to the Leads/Contacts will only be used for the following circumstances:

Proper order processing and services delivery
Effective communication of events, promotions, promotional materials, press releases, ads, other marketing initiatives
To facilitate any other communication request to Nu Echo from the Leads/Contacts
No client information will be disclosed for reasons other than those stipulated above.


Lead/Contact information can be changed/updated at any time. Partners/Leads/Prospects/Clients may request their own personal contact information to revise/update, as they would choose. If Nu Echo is contacted for change of information, all changes will be made within 48 hours or two business days.

In order for a Lead/Contact to receive the listing of the information being held by Nu Echo, the Lead/Contact should contact Nu Echo via e-mail ( or phone 1-514-861-3246 x. 4256. Nu Echo will send the appropriate information as requested. Lead/Contact should contact the corporate privacy officer for all personal information stipulated above.


Within Nu Echo, Lead/Contact information is protected through various means:

Limited access to those who directly deal with the accounts
The Nu Echo computer system, firewalls, etc.
These two precautions will ensure that information is appropriately used and dispersed within the organization (Nu Echo) allowing for the efficient processing of orders, rendering of services and transfer of information.


At any time the Lead/Contact may request a copy of the Nu Echo privacy policy. It is accessible on the Nu Echo website and so can be transferred to Lead/Contact through any Nu Echo employee. All Partners/Clients are made aware of our privacy policy as it is stipulated in standard Nu Echo terms and conditions.

Individual access

At any time, Lead/Contact of Nu Echo may request their personal information. Individuals, other than the individual who granted consent to be placed in the Nu Echo database, may not access the information of any other member of the database.

Challenging compliance

If, at any point, an individual feels Nu Echo has not fulfilled its responsibility in terms of personal privacy, formal complaints may be launched if required. Should you have any questions or comments with regard to this policy please do not hesitate to contact us.

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