Business consulting

Nu Echo is your expert partner who supports you through your conversational project, from business requirements to an operational and optimized solution.

From the assessment of your needs to an operational and optimized solution

Strategic and technological support

Design and architecture of the conversational solution

Planning, project management and delivery

Support for the implementation of the continuous improvement loop

The Nu Echo approach

Our expert advisors will work with your teams to diagnose the current situation and identify quick wins and goals based on your business objectives. Our iterative approach is based on value creation and continuous optimization of the solution.

Phase 1

Understand and support

Diagnose the current situation based on the potential for conversational automation.

Identify the most promising use cases and performance measures.

Phase 2

Demonstrate and prove

Proceed with a proof of concept in order to demonstrate the technical feasibility of the proposed solution

Phase 3

• Develop and deploy


• Optimize

Develop and deploy iteratively

Knowledge transfer, implementation of performance measures and required tools

Validate the achievement of benefits
Continuous improvement loop

Phase 4


Determine the next evolutions

Confirm the realization of value and benefits

The proof of concept (PoC)

It’s an essential step aimed at verifying that the proposed solution can work from a technical and customer experience perspective. It takes the form of a minimal prototype (MVP) demonstrating what the proposed conversational solution could be.