Intelligent Conversational Automation

When AI and Humans Collaborate to Elevate Customer Experience

We’re changing the conversation

At Nu Echo, we create intelligent automated conversational solutions to take your customer experience to the next level and improve operational efficiency. And to make sure you never miss a valuable opportunity.

We collaborate with you to bring every communication channel into the 21st century, triggering more relevant and responsive conversations to help you connect with your customers and power your business forward.

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Our conversational automation solutions

IVR Intelligent Virtual Agents

Making every call count

Our IVR solutions leverage the latest conversational technologies to deliver an intuitive, human-like experience every time your customers call.

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Chatbot Intelligent Virtual Agents

The chat tech that changes everything

Our custom chatbot IVA solutions ensure you always make a great impression with your customers, giving your enterprise the leading edge. 

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Voice Biometrics Authentication

Authenticate your callers seamlessly

Authenticate callers automatically with their voiceprint while they are talking with your agents. Reduce fraud by recognizing known fraudsters from their voice.

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Speech Analytics

Improving the customer experience has become a business priority and strategic imperative. Enterprises often understand the need to raise the customer experience and value of doing so, but struggle with how to do it. The best way to start is to “listen” to the customer.

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Nu Echo is pleased to offer a 1-Hour Free consultation with one of our experts. 

Let’s discuss your conversational automation projects and explore what we can do for you.


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Account Executive - Genesys, Canada

Because of Nu Echo’s deep expertise and quest for excellence, I’m confident that my customers are in good hands.

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Mandate: Possible – The conversational application

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Chloe: the Evolution, or Building a Covid-19 Chatbot with Rasa

Chloe: the Evolution, or Building a Covid-19 Chatbot with Rasa

Blog​* Contains traces of Covid-19. This is a post about building a chatbot with Rasa, but said chatbot is about Covid-19. It includes words like “symptoms”, “fever”, “cough”, “screening”, and “testing”. If you are sick of hearing about Covid-19 and reading these...

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