Dialogflow Distilled: On Preemptive Slot-filling versus Branching

by | May 2, 2019 | Blog, Dialogflow, IVA

As we gain experience with Google Dialogflow, we like to take a step back and identify usage patterns to feed in our development practices. This blog post aims at depicting and distilling one of such patterns: preemptive slot-filling versus branching.

Let’s say that one of your chatbot requirements is to perform a banking payment to a specific merchant. This is a fairly standard transaction involving a single intent capturing a few slots such as amount, account, merchant and a date.

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About the author: <a href="https://www.nuecho.com/news-events/author/pdeschenes/" target="_self">Pascal Deschênes</a>

About the author: Pascal Deschênes

Software architect and product development leader with business acumen and extensive experience in cloud, speech, and telephony technologies, DevOps, along with proficiency in various programming languages.
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