At last! Contact Center testing made easy. NuBot Platform is our fully automated Call Center and IVR application testing solution, available as Cloud-Based & On-Premises.

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Nubot Cloud
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Nubot Enterprise
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Several hundreds of thousands of test calls later, our on-premises NuBot Enterprise can't get tired of it. This is truly a rock-solid platform.
Gabriel Sjoberg, Speech Scientist

Key Benefits


Rapidly develop hundreds of scenarios without any programming experience.


Transparent migration from NuBot Enterprise to our hosted NuBot Cloud whenever you need more horsepower and/or calls coming from the PSTN .


Thousands of concurrent calls on a virtualizable environment without any proprietary hardware.

Product Tour

Don't miss our NuBot Integrated Testing Environment product video tour demonstrating some of the powerful features you can find.

Leverage our Develop+Execute+Analyze cycle and learn how NuBot provides everything you need to be autonomous while testing your call center applications.

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