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For contact centers and telephony systems

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What is NuBot ?

NuBot is an automated testing platform designed and developed by Nu Echo. Contact centers and telephony systems are made of numerous moving parts: from service providers to system infrastructure, IVR applications, and more. They all need to work seamlessly to ensure the top customer experience. When you are deploying a new system, the chance of issues is guaranteed. Going live with a system that hasn’t been tested is reckless and asking for trouble. The reality is, if you don’t find the issues, your clients surely will.

The NuBot platform automates testing, allowing you to validate the functionality and performance of your system and it can be tested and re-tested at the click of a button. Functional testing, performance testing, regression testing, testing, testing, testing...We have you covered. Being system agnostic means NuBot can test any and all systems from Genesys to Cisco to Avaya and more.

What makes us different?

We are the contact center experts of the experts. Contact Center consultants worldwide look to us for our specific systems know how. Our knowledge and testing is precise. NuBot packs a punch to even the largest telephone systems in the world. We haven’t met our performance limit yet! Put us to the test. Flexible and cost effective, our clients come out on top every time.

Will your system perform as planned? Take the questions out of it and test it!


Powerful and Flexible

  • Quick learning curve
  • Fast test case development, thanks to:
    • Efficient scenario & configuration editors
    • Refactoring & auto-completion
    • Refactoring and auto-completion
    • Drag and drop functionality
    • Reusable test scenarios
    • Single click test launch
    • Continuous integrity checks of project resources
  • Multi-user platform which facilitates collaboration
  • Custom Javascript support in test scenarios
  • Scalability; potential for thousands of concurrent calls
  • NuBot Agent Driver / Remote agent simulation option
  • Standard SIP-trunking telephony integration, using your carrier, our carrier or direct with your SBC
  • Web-based GUI

Cloud or On-premise

  • Available in either cloud (web-based) or on-premise (in-house server based)*
  • Leverage AWS scalability (applicable for cloud version)
  • Supports all major virtualization technologies, including VMWareTM (applicable for on-premise version)

Note pricing varies from cloud to on-premise platform versions, please contact us for more details.

Control & Management

  • Test Scheduling
  • Weigthed test cases
  • Dynamic telephony resource allocation
  • Multiple DNs (dialed numbers) per test
  • Graceful test termination
  • Test ETA


  • Full results access for live and completed tests
  • Live call audio monitoring
  • Test termination notification & reporting
  • Real-time test monitoring status
  • High-level test results summary & dashboards (call progress over time, failure over time, scenario failure distribution)
  • Response time details
  • Complete test call history
  • Raw data export
  • Call recording export & playback
  • Voice quality evaluation (MOS)

We know performance testing.

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Nu Echo has demonstrated its performance testing prowess working with several industry leading enterprises for their testing projects.

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