NuBot Platform 3.12

Automated Performance Testing for Telephony Infrastructure and Contact Centers

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Try out the NuBot Platform 3.12 for yourself. Nu Echo offers you 200 Free NuBot Minutes, valid for one month, to experience the platform, set up some test scenarios, and familiarise yourself with the NuBot testing experience.

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Nu Echo has made its name in the contact center industry by being outside-the-box thinkers, innovators and thought leaders. When we see an opportunity we grab it.

Our clients needed a way to efficiently test and measure the performance of their contact centers and telephony infrastructure...so we built it! Welcome to the NuBot Automated Performance Testing Platform.

NuBot Platform

The NuBot platform is a proprietary technology platform designed and created by Nu Echo. Contact centers and telephony infrastructure have become more complex over the years; the chance of system issues is guaranteed. Going live with a system that hasn't been tested is reckless and asking for trouble. The reality is, if you don't find the issues first your clients surely will. The NuBot platform automates performance testing, allowing you to validate the functionality and capacity your system can handle. Will your system perform as planned? Take the questions out of it and test it.

The NuBot platform creates peace of mind and reduces the risk of client dissatisfaction.

Nubot Dashboard

What does the platform do and how does it work?

From functional testing to performance testing, load testing, regression testing, telephone infrastructure and back-end testing, and more the NuBot platform has you covered. This platform is available in either cloud or on-premise. Speak with a member of our professional services team to see which option makes more sense for your organization.

The NuBot Platform can either be managed by professionals within your organisation or by the Nu Echo team who is ready to deliver your testing project from A to Z.

A powerful and flexible interface, dashboards, configurable test cases, and many more features makes the NuBot Platform an innovative solution for your testing needs. Let’s explore a few of those features.

We know performance testing.

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Nu Echo has demonstrated its performance testing prowess working with several industry leading enterprises for their testing projects.

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The NuBot automated performance testing platform has a wealth of features which we have classified into four major categories:

Powerful and Flexible

NuBot has been designed with enterprise users in mind. Flexible, powerful, intuitive and packed with productivity features, contact center and telephony infrastructure testing is made more efficient with NuBot.

  • Quick learning curve
  • Fast test case case development, thanks to:
    • Efficient scenario and configuration editors
    • Resource wizard
    • Refactoring and auto-completion
    • Drag and drop functionality
    • Reusable test scenarios
    • Single click test launch
    • Continuous integrity checks of project resources
  • Single click test launch
  • Multi-user platform which facilitates collaboration
  • Continuous integrity checks
  • Scalability; potential for thousands of concurrent calls
  • NuBot Agent Driver / Remote agent simulation option
  • Standard SIP-trunking telephony integration, using your carrier, our carrier or direct with your SBC

Cloud on-premise

The NuBot platform is available in either cloud or on-premise versions. The cloud based platform is the most popular since it ensures that you are always running on the most recent version, and is accessible anywhere anytime. For the on-premise NuBot platform (branded as NuBot Enterprise), please speak with one of our sales professionals.

  • Available in either cloud (web-based) or on-premise (in-house server based)*
  • Leverage AWS scalability
  • Standard SIP-trunking telephony integration, using our carrier, your carrier, or directly with your SBC

(*) Note pricing varies from cloud to on-premise platform versions, please contact us for more details.

Control & Management

Your ability to control and manage the NuBot platform puts you in the driver's seat for your performance testing. Decide how and what to test, when to test with the flexibility to stop any ongoing tests as required. NuBot provides the power to manage your testing first hand.

  • Continuous integrity checks
  • Custom JavaScript support
  • Source/version control
  • Test scheduling
  • Weighted test cases
  • Dynamic telephony resource allocation
  • Enhanced load test profiles


Whether you are in live testing or want to make reference to completed test history, proper measurement will allow you to quickly pinpoint issues and resolve potential system failures. From reporting to live audio, dashboards to response time and more, the NuBot platform measures your every testing move so you can improve efficiencies quickly and easily.

  • Full results access for live and completed tests
  • Live call audio monitoring
  • Test termination notification & reporting
  • Real-time test monitoring status
  • High-level test results summary & dashboards (call progress over time, failure over time, scenario failure distribution)
  • Test results filtering
  • Response time details
  • Complete test call history
  • Raw data export
  • Call recording export & playback

200 NuBot Minutes FREE

Try out the NuBot Platform 3.12 for yourself. Nu Echo offers you 200 Free NuBot Minutes, valid for one month, to experience the platform, set up some test scenarios, and familiarise yourself with the NuBot testing experience.

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Why you should care about performance testing?

If you are an executive
If you are a technical professional

The performance of your telecom infrastructure or contact center has a direct impact on your business operations and overall client satisfaction. Sub-optimal system performance can lead to client frustration and negatively impact client experience as a whole. Loss of revenue associated to missed sales, inefficiencies in operations, and client disatisfaction means additional costs related to corrective actions to stop the bleeding of an inefficient system.

Testing ensures your system works as planned. From functional testing to performance and load testing, Nu Echo and NuBot can help you ensure the effective operation of your business and the maintenance of your client experience. Every project has issues. Find them sooner rather than later!

NuBot makes testing of your telephony infrastructure or contact center easy. Find your system issues before they do...It is always better to be proactive, test the system and resolve as many issues as possible so that they are not found and felt by clients, customer service, operations and or upper management. Take the headaches out of your job through the use of a leading performance testing product.

Manage, control and measure your tests quickly and easily with NuBot. We provide you the army you need to conduct powerhouse load testing. Some system problems will only occur under the pressure of high volume calls; NuBot tests that!

NuBot offers you the innovation and know how to develop your test cases seamlessly with built in features to reduce error. Find issues. Reproduce and resolve them. You will be able to test not only your system but the components, software and hardware as well as your carrier SLAs and promises of performance. Are you getting what you paid for? Is your hardware and software performing to spec? Validate your system from every angle. Nubot has you covered.

Proper testing of your system also allows technical professionals like you to manage and predict how the system will need to scale with corporate and sales growth.

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