Authenticate callers with their voice

Authenticating callers with security questions is not only unsafe, it is costly, time-consuming, frustrating for your customers AND for your agents. There is a much better way.

You can authenticate your callers seamlessly and transparently with their voice while they are talking with your agents on the phone. Here’s how it works:​

  • The first time customers call, the voice biometrics system creates a voiceprint based on the caller’s voice pattern while they’re talking with the agent. This all happens in the background.
  • Once the voiceprint is created, the agent asks the caller if they agree to be identified with their voice the next time they call.
  • The next time they call, customers are transparently authenticated within the first few seconds of their conversation with the agent.

Results that speak for themselves



Authentication success rate


Detection of fraud attempts


Automation of the
authentication process

The need for voice biometrics is clear


Of customers are dissatisfied with today’s automated customer authentication.

Opus Research

42 seconds

Average Handle Time (AHT) saved with each call when companies switch to voice authentication.

Opus Research


Every dollar of fraud costs organizations nearly 2.5 times more than the actual cost itself.


Nuance Security Suite: The unchallenged market leader

Nuance Security Suite is the world’s most trusted customer authentication and fraud prevention solution.

  • The only solution trusted by Canadian financial institutions
  • 500 enterprise customers
  • 8 billion secured transactions per year
  • 2 billion $ in fraud savings per year


Example results at a large Canadian financial institution


enrollment rate


of calls authentified within 3 months

42 seconds

average AHT reduction


customer satisfaction score

Jason Costain – Head of Fraud Strategy – Royal Bank of Scotland

“Before voice biometrics, fraudsters repeatedly broke into customer’s accounts, every day. The contact center was the weakest link and fraudsters took advantage of it.”

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