Who We Are

As conversational intelligence solution providers, we optimize customer experience by providing solutions to the most complex system requirements. We enable conversations by connecting out clients' contact center to their broader IT infrastructure allowing for a 360 understanding of the client.

Experience & Expertise

Nu Echo's experience and expertise in speech recognition, natural language, machine learning and IVR are key differentiators in the emerging market for conversational IVR and intelligent virtual agents. We allow our clients to have more meaningful conversations with their clients; our solutions build loyalty, maximize revenue and ensure operational efficiency.

Conversational experience solutions for the contact center

We provide professional services to enterprise organizations across North America; we specifically excel in conversational experience design and implementation.

Our Services & Solutions

Our Values

01 — Excellence

Our team is unique. We are defined by exceptional work. Each of us inspires the other to push the limits; to go beyond what we thought was possible. We never compromise on quality.

02 — Integrity

We act in good faith and transparency. Our business relationships are based on confidence.

03 — Respect

Respect for others, internally or externally, is fundamental. We respect people's privacy, we accept individual differences. Even vigorous debates are done respectfully.

04 — Team spirit

We place the interest of the team before our own. We know that we can count on the support of others when it counts. We share credit for success and we take responsibility for problems.

05 — Sense of humour

A winning team knows how to have fun at work, regardless of the tasks to be performed. It takes a good sense of humor and a refusal to take oneself too seriously. We are all accessible, ready to discuss ideas, and to hear the opinions of others.

06 — Innovation

We are creators, always on the lookout for innovative solutions to the problems we face. We think, we challenge the status quo.

Meet the Execs

Thanks to the involvement of Nu Echo and Desjardins, we were able to go into production sooner than planned. It was a big challenge and yet together we pulled it off.

Sr. Manager Movement Desjardins, Canada
CEO, Co-Founder

Yves Normandin

Leading authority in speech recognition, natural language processing, and machine learning technologies, Yves brings over 30 years of experience to the team. His career has included research, product and application development as well as business development. Today he is responsible for defining Nu Echo’s corporate direction and technological vision as well as building strategic alliances and leading the speech practice.

Vice President Professional Services, Co-Founder

Christophe Furet

Specializing in human-machine interaction for over twenty years, Christophe holds a PhD from The National Institute of Agronomique in Paris-Grignon in Human computer Interface. In more recent years, Christophe focuses more on specific problems concerning telephone application and contact center clients (CCC). As VP of Professional Services, Christophe guides and supports the consulting team in every CCC project at Nu Echo.

VP Sales & Marketing

Stéphane Séguin

Experienced Sales And Marketing Specialist with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Strong sales professional skilled in Digital Strategy, Analytical Skills, Advertising, Sales, and E-commerce.

Director Operations & Administration

Runo Bello

Business savvy, strategic, goal oriented with exceptional planning and organisational skills, Runo keeps things running at Nu Echo from multiple perspectives. As the primary contact for everything employee facing, to ensuring the effective and efficient management of projects, to managing some of the most demanding clients, Runo’s interpersonal skills make the management of the team and client projects look simple.

Director Human Resources

Marie-Hélène Provost

Graduate with a degree in the science of management (ESG) and CRHA accredited, Marie-Hélène has more than 14 years of human resources experience under her belt. Her strengths lie in communications, organisation, efficiency and problem solving. Acting as strategic counsel at the exec level, she is responsible for employee relations. Working with every department, her focus is on continuously improving the employer brand, helping Nu Echo to differentiate itself in a competitive technology environment.

The Conversational Innovation Company

Great relationships are built and maintained through conversations. We help you strengthen client relationships and customer experience while achieving operational efficiency.

Clients & Partners

Some clients who have chosen to work with us

The Nu Echo team brings high-precision consulting services to some complex issues. Their team brings the knowledge and professionalism.

Head of Sales National Consulting Firm & Partner
Culture & Environment

The team

Nu Echo offers a progressive work environment which
attracts top talent. When you work with Nu Echo
you are getting the very best in CCC solutions.